Head Staffing

Operator EMPWR

EMPWR is an internationally leading manufacturer of nutritional bars. The modern and highly automated company works for customers all over the world. EMPWR distinguishes itself by a high degree of expertise in the field of exclusive recipes for, among other things, diet, sports and functional food bars. […]

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Operator What’s Cooking?

The Operator’s responsibility is to ensure that the machine is set with the correct settings. Furthermore, to monitor the quality of each component in the production. Additionally, to recognize situations on the production line before a problem occurs. Finally, being able to fix minor malfunctions of the machine during the internal process of the production. […]

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Operator A-ware

A-Ware is an innovative factory specialized in aging, slicing and packaging cheese based in Almere. A-ware, provides different types of cheese for supermarkets in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. […]

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