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About Bouter Group

Bouter Group is a family-owned company with over 130 years of history. One of their driving forces is their passion for cheese and tapas products. Due to the short lines of communication within their company, they can swiftly and effectively develop new, surprising products.They employ the latest techniques and uphold the highest quality standards for their products, operations, and employees, with a focus on hygiene, food safety, and product quality.


Some facts about Bouter Group

In 1983, Albert Heijn chose Bouter as their supplier. The distribution of foreign cheeses began, and from February 1, 1992, Dutch cheeses followed, making Bouter the primary cheese partner of Albert Heijn.


At the end of 1993, Bouter began the fresh pre-packaging of foreign cheeses on a single line. This was a historic moment, as it gave Bouter the biggest boost in its history.

In 2001, construction of the new cheese central in Culemborg began, further strengthening the relationship with Albert Heijn.



In 2010, Bouter Group and Anker Kaas joined forces to form A-ware Food Group. From Culemborg, the ‘Bouter’ company continues to manage operations for Albert Heijn.



In 2015, A-ware Food Group received the designation ‘Royal’. For A-ware Food Group, this was the literal crowning achievement of many years of effort and dedication, bringing A-ware Food Group to where it stands today. It is the crowning glory of over 125 years of work by the Bouter and Anker families, along with their employees.

”When I walk through Albert Heijn after my workday, I feel proud when I see the final product on the shelves!”

Johnboy, Packaging Employee